Broadcast on radio using AltaCast

AltaCast streaming software that can stream to either IceCast or ShoutCast servers.We will use the standalone version of the AltaCast together with RadioDJ application.

First you will have to download the AltaCast Standalone 1.1 installer and run it. Follow the on-screen instructions and once it is done close the installation; if the AltaCast application will start, close it.

The next step is to install the RadioDJ application and install it.

Note that during the RadioDJ installation you will be requested to install MySQL Server on your PC. In order to do that follow the steps from above:

  • Go to and select “MySQL Community Server“;
  • Select “Windows (x86, 64-bit), MySQL Installer MSI” and press “Download” Button;
  • On the new page, select again “Windows (x86, 32-bit), MSI Installer” and download the installer package;
  • When the download completes, run the installer;
  • On setup type choose “Server Only”;
  • In “Server Configuration Type” window, if using the computer for other tasks too, choose “Development Machine”;
  • Now, a very important step and most users are failing on this: On “Root Account Password”, enter a password that you will remember because you will need it later. Write it down somewhere, just to be sure. The password is case sensitive!
  • One final step is configure to start the MySQL server as a service, which means that it will start when your computer starts so you don’t need to worry about it later.

After the RadioDJ, My SQL server and AltaCast Standalone are installed you will run RadioDJ and AltaCast applications.

You need to perform the following settings on AltaCast:

1. Select the audio source for the live radio recording

2. Check this box if you want the AltaCast to automatically connect to the TingoTV server

3. Click here to add a new Encoder

4. Click on this button to connect the AltaCast application with TingoTV server


You will need to add a new Encoder in order to start streaming on the TingoTV server; you can do that by clicking on Add Encoder:

Once the encoder is added right click on it and select Configure option.


On the Configuration window you have to add the settings from Broadcasting Settings page:

1. Select the encoder type to be MP3 Lame

2. Select the server type to be Shoutcast

3. Enter here the address of the radio server – this is the Radio Hostname from Broadcasting Settings page

4. Enter here the port for the radio streaming server –  this is the DJ port from Broadcasting Settings page

5.Enter here the DJ username and DJ password on the format username:password

Note: the DJ credentials are the ones you insert when you create a new radio channel. The username and password can contain only letters, numbers and dashes (a-z/A-Z/0-9 -).

6. Delete the values from the Mountpoint field as these are strictly related to Icecast server

7. Enter here the reconnect seconds – this is the time that the AltaCast application will try to reconnect if the connection to TingoTV server is lost

8. Click here to save the server details


After the settings are saved you have to click on Connect button and the AltaCast will start streaming on the TingoTV radio station:


Now we will explain how to setup the RadioDJ application to stream on the TingoTV radio station.

After you start the RadioDJ application you need to add tracks on it; in order to do that you have to click on Options button from the bottom:


Once the Options window opens you have to click on the Track Import button:


Once you have selected the track you can view (and edit) the details of the track:


Save or close the track edit window and after that you have to drag and drop the song to the left side and click on Play button in order to start playing the song, as showed on the following image:

In the image you can see the AltaCast application also and in this moment both are streaming on TingoTV radio channel: AltaCast and RadioDJ